Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cats and Freelancing

I belong to several freelance editing and writing lists. I must admit that I am amazed at the number of freelancers who work with a cat by their side. And, I must admit that I fall into that category as well.

I have seven cats: Herman, Eddie, Clarence, Marlin, Purrl, Phoebe, and Norman. Another cat, my darling Lily, died almost a year ago. At the time, I had a full-time in-house job, but I also freelanced a great deal. Lily loved to sit behind my laptop and nap while I worked. After she died, Clarence took over, relishing in the heat being thrown out by the laptop.

When my laptop crashed a month or so ago and I had to get a new one, Clarence decided that it wasn't nearly as warm behind my new computer, so he found a new place to snooze while I worked. Then it was Marlin's turn to keep me close company. He wasn't happy sleeping behind the computer--or anywhere else on the desk for that matter. No, Marlin likes to sleep across my arms. I can still type, but forget trying to write or read a note on paper beside the computer. Apparently I've made him move often enough that he's not quite so inclined to assume the position as he had been.

Then there's Purrl. Purrl was given to me by my vet after her parents brought her in for spaying then refused to come and get her. She's always been quite fond of me, but content to spend her days sleeping on my bed. Of late she's become a lot more outgoing--including out going to my desk. Right now, as I write this and then go on to work on a book about the death penalty, Purrl is snoozing on my notes. She's jumped on my desk for a pet or two, but this is the first time that she's taken a stand--or a laydown anyway--on my desk.

So what is the attraction between cats and freelance publishing careers? Beats me. But there's certainly nothing wrong with it. Except, of course, when their big butts are on my notes. But I'll get over it. Who knows, maybe Purrl is telling me I need a break.

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