Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some things to keep in mind

I recently posted an ad on an online group looking to hire authors for a 16-book series. Of course I received responses for many more than I needed, but I was able to hire those I needed.

For the same series, I posted ads on two online groups looking for an editorial proofer. Again I was deluged with responses, which was fine. But, I could not believe the errors I found in the e-mail and even on the resumes. People, people, if you're applying for such a position, check, check, and check again before hitting that send button. Needless to say that those applications with errors were tossed.

Two other things came to my attention during this process. First, please put your name (or at least your initials) in the resume file name. Many just put dates or what kind of resume it is (proof, edit, etc.). This means the reviewer has to rename the file in order to aid in access. Though we're not talking about hours of work, it's time that the individual could spend doing other things.

Also, be professional in the e-mail. I know that might sound petty, but many of the e-mail applications were quite chatty rather than professional. You never know if the e-mail is going to be forwarded to someone else. Also, some people hesitate to hire individuals they know. It can be an awkward situation, especially if things do not go well. As the person doing the hiring, I need to know that the individual will take the position seriously and will not take advantage of a personal relationship.

Just things to keep in mind.

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